Hahaha 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #forrealtho #thisisreallifeshit #momlife #oitnb

"Too young, too dumb to realize that I should’ve bought you flowers"

Lili has been FaceTime-ing with Sophie (her cousin) while I sew for about 45 minutes now. They keep making funny faces at each other and talk about their day. 😂 Lili even said to me “I’m gonna go to my room” and went and laid down on the floor with her fruit snack and continued talking (they’re still talking now). How cute are they?!?! 😍 (at My happy place 🏡)

While on our walk this morning, Lili pointed to a crying baby being pushed by it’s mother in a stroller and said that the baby was sad. I agreed with her and said yes, the baby is sad. Then Lili said “she’s sad cause she wants your boobie milk. Yeah, she wants your boobie milk.” 😂😂😂 Apparently I’m in charge of soothing all crying babies. Lmao

Squish 💜

Play hard, sleep harder. 😂😂😂 (at Home 🙌)

Hahaha I HAD to share!


Blurry cuddle puddle 💜 #widn (at Home 🙌)