I set Haven down for a couple minutes to switch the laundry, and when I came back, this is what I found lol. I got to fold laundry in peace, it was fantastic. #passedthefuckout #someonestired

Lunch break 😋

It’s hilarious how excited Haven gets when super why comes on lol

"And it all went by so fast. From the moment I met you, until just a second ago."

This is because Lili told me to take a picture of Haven before her bath, and so I did. Lol

@firsttimemmy_ did a lovely product review of our moccs over on her blog! Go check it out! Also, how darling is this photo?! 😍


Who me? Just doing the center splits in hopes of reaching my sisters pickle. 😂😂 #flexible #holyshit #babycontortionist #HavenAubreeKathleen