Mongolian beef [cooked all day in the crock pot], jasmati rice cooked in broth, corn, and sautéed brussles for dinner. 😋 #kyliecooks

My little goofball. 🙈💜 #cutie #HavenAubreeKathleen

Getting Lili a little froggie bubble machine means eating amongst the bubbles every meal 😂

Finally went and picked up Haven’s raw amber necklace from the post office after it being there for like 2 and a half months. Lol. It’s so pretty! 😍 Hoping this helps her teething pain!

||From the cutting room floor|| Aka: never before seen clips of the sweet angels I’m blessed to call my children. I take lots of videos of them throughout the day that I never end up doing anything with, so I decided to compile a few of them together and put it to music to share with you all. While making this and sifting though all my videos late last night, I found myself tearing up and wishing I could go wake up my girls and bring them into bed with me and cuddle them forever. I love them so much it HURTS sometimes. It’s so easy to take things [and people] for granted, and dwell on what you think isn’t going your way in life, especially after a rough day of parenting when your patience isn’t as high as it should be, but even the smallest of things [like a video of your eldest daughter laughing and flopping herself on the couch while wearing a cut-off pant leg of her dads around her waist] can reel you back in, and make you realize that you really do have it all.

A fantastic early birthday present arrived at my door today in the form of an air conditioning unit from my sweet and loving mother! My children and I no longer have to suffer the wrath of a 90° home! Ahhhhh, cool air never felt so good.

😍😍😍 cutest little dude in his patriotic leggings. 🎆🇺🇸 []

::Coming Soon:: black&gold sequin bow headband! 😍 Adding this and a few other newbies to the shop on Monday! []

Omggggg. Every #ipsy bag is better than the last! 😍 This one includes: Hang 10 dark tanning oil, tints & sass lip stain, bio balance skin soothing cream, benefit “they’re real” push-up liner, and bare minerals 5 in 1 BB cream eyeshadow! [plus, of course, another cute make-up bag] 😍💁💋 #makeup #obsessed #girlshit #cantstopwontstop

Oh hey, big girl! 😍 #HavenAubreeKathleen